Using the UW Equipment Checkout System iOS app


Launch the App by touching the icon for 'UWEquipment'

Notification Alert

When you launch the App for the first time, it will show an alert asking for permission to send you Push Notifications. It is recommended that you select OK.

To change this setting in the future, see 'How do I change Push notifications?'

When you launch App for the first time, it will also show you an alert asking for your permission to gather Analytics. We (UW Madison InfoLabs) DO NOT gather any personally identifiable information. We (UW Madison InfoLabs) DO NOT gather information related to your exact physical location. Please see sections 'What information do we collect?' and 'How to disable Analytics?' for more details about exactly what information is being collected.

You are then presented with the Main Menu of the app:
Main Menu

Tapping on an item (e.g. Laptops) brings up a list of all locations with that item available, along with number of items available at each location.

Here we are showing locations that offer Laptops:

By default the UWEquipment app shows a list of locations. Tap on 'Map' in the upper right to switch to the map view.
Map View

Each icon represents a location that has this item available. Tap an icon to see the location name and quantity available. (also see section: What's the difference between Computer Icon and Building Icon on map? ) Tap on 'List' in the upper right to go back to the list view.

Next, from the list view, we tap on a location that we're interested in:

Tap on the star icon (*) in the upper right to set this location as your "favorite". You won't see the star icon if this location is already marked as "favorite".
Mark Favorite

Once you've set a favorite location, the app will automatically show you equipment counts from your favorite location upon launch, saving you two taps. (Otherwise you have to first tap an item type, then a location to see this info.)
Favorite Marked

You can set one favorite location at a time. To change favorite location, tap on any other location and mark it as favorite OR to remove favorite location completely, go to "Settings" from the app main menu, and then tap on the "Reset All Settings" button.

If you have marked particular location as Favorite then you may see appropriate Location Status messages when you launch the app:
Wendt Status 1 Wendt Status 2

Tapping on "Goto Website" will send you to the location's website for hours information:
Wend 1

How do I change Push Notifications?

From the main screen of your device (not within app) tap on: "Settings"->"Notifications"->"UWEquipment".
Push Notifications

What information do we collect?

In order for us to improve our service, we gather some statistical information about how the app is being used. The information cannot be used to identify an individual user. The following information is stored and analyzed by UW InfoLabs (only) for all users of the UWEquipment app:

  1. Device UDID: a Unique ID for each device.
  2. Date and time of app use.
  3. Version of app being used.
  4. Device type: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  5. Device iOS Version.
  6. Your 'Push Notification' preference setting.

If you choose to 'Allow Analytics' in your app preferences, the following information is collected and used in addition to the above data to help us improve the Equipment Checkout program:
  1. User's location at time of use (at a granularity of 'City' only, e.g. 'Madison/WI/United States')
  2. Users's app browsing history (e.g. user tapped on 'Laptops' then 'College Library' then tapped phone number to dial 'College Library').
  3. Users's Network provider name at time of use and browser type/version.
  4. Some additional information depending upon the changing features of Google Analytics (guaranteed to NOT be personally identifying or location tracking). Please feel free to contact us at any time to get more information on exactly what additional information is being collected via 'Analytics'
By monitoring interest in items and locations, we can adjust our inventory, staffing levels, and service points to better suit your needs.

How to disable Analytics?

From the app main screen tap "Settings", then slide the button to OFF for "Allow Analytics"
Analytics Off

What's the difference between Computer Icon and Building Icon on map?

Computer icon means location is open to all. Building icon means equipment can be checked out by UW Housing Residents only.

I am not interested in Housing Locations. How can I turn them off?

Since UW Housing locations serve only current residents, you might not want to see Housing Locations. Tap on Settings of UWEquipment App then slide "Housing Locations" to OFF. You will also see message "Housing Locations Excluded"
Housing Off Housing Excluded

What is "Save Bandwidth" under "Settings"?

If you set "Save Bandwidth" to OFF then app WILL display locations with 0 (Zero) quantity and n/a (Locations not carrying equipment). Setting save Bandwidth to ON means the app does NOT download data for such locations and can improve app response. Internal testing shows a 95% reduction in the amount of data download when the Save Bandwidth setting was ON. If you have a limited data plan then we highly recommend setting Save Bandwidth to ON.

Save Bandwidth set to OFF:
Save Bandwidth OFF Inventory SB Off

Save Bandwidth set to ON:
Save BW ON SB ON inventory

What does this screen mean?

This means your "Settings" is "Housing Locations"= OFF and "Save Bandwidth" = ON and currently none of the locations have quantity available for check out.
No Items Available

Can I dial a Location phone number from App?

Yes, when installed on an iPhone (left image) you can tap on phone number to dial. When installed on an iPod Touch (right image) you will not be able to dial.
iPhone Dial iPod no dial

If you don't have access to WiFi then you may see following alert. Simply tap "OK" then the circular arrow in the upper right to refresh. You may have to check to see if your device has a network signal.
No WiFi

I am getting following message. What do I do?

Normally you should not see this message but if you do then please contact us.
HTML Error