Q: Where can I find information about exactly what models of equipment you have?
    A: Please call the circulation desk at one of the checkout locations, the staff will be glad to answer your questions. Phone numbers are found by clicking on the name of a location from the ECS Homepage.
    Q: How long is the loan period on equipment?
    A: Because the loan period on equipment may vary, please call the location you intend to borrow equipment from.
    Q: What software is provided on your laptops?
    A: Most locations share a common set of software running both Microsoft Windows 7 and Apple OSX Mavericks. Both operating systems come pre-installed with the most recent version of Microsoft Office, Skype, and commonly used media players, browsers and utilities. Patrons are free to install additional software that they would like.
    Q: Can I reserve something if I know in advance that I will need it at a particular time?

Other equipment on campus

    Q: Where can I find other A/V equipment on campus?

About this website

    Q: Who maintains this website?
    A: This website is maintained by College Library. If you have any comments about this site or would like to report a technical problem, contact us at 608-263-4540 or cmc-sysadmins@lists.wisc.edu. If you have questions about equipment or policy, please click on the relevant location on this page and use the provided contact information.